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Meetings, Events &
Past Meeting Notes

Upcoming Meetings:
February 17, 2024 @ 11am (US Eastern Standard Time) - Virtual
Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 959 1790 7155

Passcode: 556172

Meeting Agenda:  
  •  Approve minutes from the last meeting in January

  • Discuss and approve mission statement that was previously sent out with most recent email. I will send again prior to meeting.

  • Discuss leadership structure and possible construction of committees.

  • Any new business.

Past Meetings & Meeting Notes
January 13, 2024 @ 11am (US Eastern Standard Time) - Virtual
Click here to access meeting notes. 
Meeting Agenda:  
  • Craft a unified mission statement for the AFOS

  • Decide on leadership structure for AFOS and if possible, put specific African members in those positions.

  • Discuss other needs or ideal components for the website (

  • Discuss plans and needs for the next meeting in February 2024

November 25, 2023 @ 11am (US Eastern Standard Time)
Click here to access meeting notes. 
Meeting Agenda:  
  • Introductions

  • Purpose/Identity of the AFOS 

  • Short-, mid- and long-range goals of society  

  • Plans for monthly meetings and content (i.e., medical/surgical case discussions, formal educational presentations etc.) 

  • Plans for audiology development. 

  • Educational links (temporal bone courses/equipment donation, development of the website to have educational links, rosters for contacts etc.) 

  • Medical/educational platform building (i.e., virtual lectures, operative videos, fellowships, surgical guidelines and fellowship guidelines etc.) 

  • Timing of meeting times 

  • Fund raising (i.e., Gates foundation etc.). 

  • Feedback 

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