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African Otological Society (AFOS)

AFOS was founded in 2023 with the purpose of improving ear and hearing health

in Africa through education and community.

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The mission of the African Otologic Society (AFOS) is to establish a community of African providers and international partners to address otology and audiology patient and educational need in Africa.


Through a coalition of dedicated otology and audiology providers, AFOS seeks to facilitate communication among providers, build medical and surgical education platforms, expand and report clinical and human research, and foster humanitarian resource exchange to improve provider education, communication, and patient care. 


The AFOS is built on unwavering core values of community, social engagement, and a selfless dedication to the betterment of humanity through sustained and enhanced education, service and a steadfast dedication to the identification and treatment of human disease.


AFOS will serve as a central hub to build community within Africa for Africa, liaison with partnering organizations, identify and facilitate mentorship for providers at all levels of training and practice and in real time advisory (consultant) opportunities, oversee skills transfer and independent needs assessments through fellowship training to serve future generations.

Leadership Structure 

AFOS is in the process of developing subcommittees to establish Africa-wide involvement within leadership roles and report on the needs and developments within dedicated areas of focus.


  • Communications

  • Education

  • Research Clinical

  • Administrative / Resource Exchange

If you'd like to get involved with any of the sub-committees, please email:

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